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Embroidered Bag

Totes amaze. To make an individualised look, why not add some embroidery embellishments to your own bags.

Tip: Make a tote bag for every ocassion - errands, shopping or the beach.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED Janome MC15000 Sewing Embroidery Machine • Janome Needles #14 sharp Organ Embroidery Needles or Janome Blue Tip Needles • Adjustable Narrow Zipper Foot P/N 200334002 • 5 x Janome plastic bobbins • Scissors or thread snips • RE18 Embroidery Hoop + USB Key with designs (Optional RE18 Hoop Kit / Part Number 862407007) • Alternatively, GR Hoop (230x300)

FABRIC & NOTIONS 43 x 42cm x 2 black fabric (Main Fabric) • 50cm x 36cm black fabric (Pocket Fabric) • 75cm x 10cm x 2 black fabric (Handle Fabric) • 43cm x 3cm contrasting fabric (Orange Fabric) • 90cm x 3cm contrasting fabric (Orange Fabric) • 7cm x 6.5cm x 8 contrasting fabric (Orange Fabric) • 42cm x 41cm x 2 Bag lining fabric • 43cm x 22cm Bag lining fabric • Fusible woven interfacing – handles & main bag • Fusible fleece – for main bag • 50cm x 36cm Embroidery stabilizer tear-away • 1.5m Cord for piping • Embroidery threads + Bobbin fill thread • Sewing thread to match fabrics • Variegated thread for decorative stitching • Fabric marking pen/chalk

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